Student tours & workshops

Street Art Tour Hamburg 2024


Discover the creative heart of Hamburg with your students on our Alternative street art tours and workshops. The places where art leaps off the walls and into your imagination. Our student tours in Hamburg are designed for students looking for an different experience from typical city tours. Delve deep into the city’s bustling streets and uncover the creative, artistic, and rebelliously spirited side of Hamburg.

Students get the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of street art, alternative lifestyles and local culture.
Visit requisitioned bunkers, back streets, local neighborhoods and creative art centres.
Witness firsthand the colors, contours and untold stories of the city. Each mural, stencil, and tag is a voice from the past and present, showcasing the dynamic culture and vibrant community of the Hamburg local people and it´s artists.


But watching is only half the fun—on our combined Alternative street art tours and workshops, your students get to be a part of the art scene by participating in these exciting street art workshops. Under the guidance of expert artists, students will learn to tap into their creative reserves and bring out their inner artist.
Your students will learn the different aspects of graffiti and street art. From planning the composition to executing their masterpiece.
We teach your students how to think and create like an artist. They will not only leave with knowledge and inspiration but also with a tangible piece of art that they’ve created to take home with them—a unique, personalized souvenir of their unforgettable Hamburg experience

These tours are not just learning experiences; but an opportunity to see, create. Be a part of a living, breathing art scene.
Come as a visitor, leave as a street artist and carry a piece of Hamburg’s soul back home with you.